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Rebranding is easier than you think.

Is it time to re-brand your business?

Sometimes, you just won’t notice that quiet little house on your street until it’s just had a fresh coat of paint. Businesses can be very much the same. In this day and age of furious competition and digital marketing it can be increasingly difficult to stand out in the market place.

Re-branding can be quite a cost-effective option to put that new coat of paint on your business, catch the eye of more potential customers and, importantly, acts as reminder to your existing client base that you are still a dynamic, growing business that is on the up and up.

If your logos are old and out of fashion, your letterheads, business cards and vehicles don’t have a matching colour scheme or your website is outdated and unresponsive, today’s savvy consumers can quickly become aware that your business is simply not moving forward with the times. This is exactly when your customers will notice your competition and their shiny new paint job. Having a uniform approach to your marketing, promotion and designs goes a long way to making your business really stand out.

Miiy can assist greatly with re-branding your business. We offer very cost effective design services which can cover your entire business portfolio including logo design, business cards, letterheads, professional email signatures and templates, eye catching mobile friendly websites, vehicle paint/wrap design, Facebook and other social media implementation. This can all be done completely uniformly with matching logos, colours and designs that will be instantly recognised by your customers.

Don’t let your business slowly become that old, no longer noticed house on the street..

Talk to Miiy about our brilliant re-branding and design services today.

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