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Is it time to update your website?

If your website was produced prior to 2014 or without mobile users in mind it may be time to seriously consider upgrading or redesigning. Towards the end of 2013, the global trend towards mobile internet use reached the tipping point and now far more potential customers will be viewing your website and business from a phone or a tablet as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer.

Websites that were designed specifically for use on a computer, tend to not scale text very well and can display errors, incorrect images or simply be missing information when viewed from a mobile platform. This is, of course, the last thing you would want your potential customers to see. A broken or unresponsive website can quickly put off potential clients or even worse, have them deciding to visit the websites of your competitors instead.

Thankfully modern web development has recently caught up with these rather dramatic changes in internet use and consumer behaviour, so now is the perfect time to customise a website that will operate beautifully whether on a smartphone, tablet or a computer. Taking advantage of touch screens and phone functionality, your website can now be designed so that clients can dial your phone number, make a purchase via credit card or send you a contact email all directly from their handset without leaving your website. Remember, the more convenient it is to contact you or make a purchase, the more likely it is that the customer will do so.

So, if your website is lacking the latest in mobile technology or you feel it simply isn’t looking great on modern mobile devices, don’t get left behind, talk to Miiy today about what we can do to bring your website up to date and make sure it both looks and performs beautifully on any device.

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