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Five reasons to use a local printing service.


  1. It’s actually faster.

You might have come across some online based printing services that label themselves as being a faster and more convenient option. This is often far from the case. While the websites in question may look convenient in terms of you uploading your own artwork and logos, the truth is these services can often have thousands of printing jobs lined up this way and you are at the mercy of when your job becomes the next “cab off the rank”. Often these services have no direct people that you can resolve issues or timelines with, other than email or text. Being able to actually speak with a real person and someone who is a local, means you can be prioritised, looked after personally and most importantly, listened to and understood.

  1. You are not just a number.

Do you like to be an important and valued client, or print job number #99223344? Being able to deal with local people who look after you personally, who understand the area and, most importantly, are fully educated in the best marketing and promotion techniques in that area is certainly an advantage worth exploring.

  1. Design and marketing.

Any reputable printing service will have designers and graphic artists on staff. Being able to sit down with a professional and discuss your wants and needs and physically hold and look at designs and concepts can make a huge difference to your ideas, and the direction you will ultimately take your marketing.

  1. No Job too small.

For any small limited print runs, for instance one off printing jobs, like a small amount of personalised calendars or Christmas cards, your local service is most often the best bet. Larger conglomerates will often charge exorbitant fees for limited runs or anything outside their “normal” scope of production. Your local printing service simply has more flexibility to tailor a customer specific package for you.

  1. Flexibility

Last minute changes? Non-standard paper sizes? Not so much of a problem for local printing services. Being able to reach your account manager/designer directly on the phone, email or in person means that these sort of things can be discussed or rectified extremely quickly. Not being forced into using templates or a set of designs to pick from means your project can be set up to be just right for you and not just something generic in a “one size fits all” approach.

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