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miiy is a new age company developing a range of revolutionary business systems which will initially be launched in English speaking countries then potentially worldwide soon after. Many of these business systems are first to market and others improve current processes. We have formed excellent concepts that will enhance current market processes allowing businesses of all sizes to actively market in a proactive manner. Our systems have been developed around a central HUB providing access to a broad network of online marketing services for business. Extensive research shows that the miiy suite of services, linked with our core technology, miiyHub, is a unique system perfectly suited to business marketing.

We will be first to market with Push Coupon technology and with Real Estate matchmaking services. Our Ticketing business is best in market and the wide range of services for businesses under the miiy brand will be highly attractive and market competitive. Having many business services under one brand and available through one portal makes miiy unique!

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Sensis downsizing opens door for local IT startup Miiy

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Sensis, the Yellow pages arm of Telstra has agreed to purchase Truelocal the former business directory division of News Limited.  This deal is subject to ACCC approval. Whilst this will certainly boost Sensis it was disappointing to say the least that within days Sensis announced they would be cutting around 700 jobs in Australia. There appears to be no regard for local employment from a company making extremely large profits in the Australian economy and taking subscriptions from Australian business owners.

Mobile Coupons

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With a growing number of retailers, manufacturers and other businesses delivering coupons and sales to shoppers’ mobile phones the number of consumers receiving coupons via mobile devices is expected to rise by 30% next year to more than 500 million people, a new report from Juniper Research has found. According to the report, continued growth in mobile coupon usage will in part be fuelled by the integration of couponing platforms into the leading social networks.

Having an Online Presence is integral to your business

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The internet has become an integral part of our lives with 84% of Australians accessing the internet every day and over 60% going online to connect with friends and acquaintances through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. There are 900 million facebook users worldwide with over 40% of these people mentioning brands and sharing brand information with their friends online, we spend more time on social media sites and blogs than any other country proving that Australians have really embraced new technology.

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